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Sustainable Food & Farming

student cutting microgreens in the greenhouse The interdisciplinary study of how agricultural production of plants and animals affects and is affected by the local environment, agroecology emphasizes sustainable and environmentally friendly approaches to agricultural production.

Fast Facts

Hands-on experience

Apply for one of six internships on the WVU Organic Farm.

Plant, grow and sell crops

Be part of something bigger with our student-run Market Garden and Community Supported Agriculture programs.

Learn more. Grow more.

Network with organic farming enthusiasts during our annual Organic Farm Field Day.


  • Crop or farm management specialist
  • Agribusiness
  • Cooperative extension
  • Farm and environmental consultant

Course Schedule

Freshman Year

Suggested Plan of Study

Fall Spring
AGRL 111 – Professions in Agriculture  STAT 211 – Elementary Statistical Inference
ENGL 101 – Intro to Composition and Rhetoric BIOL 101 and 103 – General Biology 
MATH 126A/B/C – College Algebra
AGRN 202 and 203 – Principles of Soil Science
BIOL 101 and 103 – General Biology PLSC 206 – Principles of Plant Science
AGRN 120 – Principles of Agroecology


For full suggested course schedule, class descriptions and more information on General Education Foundations (GEF) see the course catalog