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Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture studio
With a special commitment to improving the quality of urban and rural life, landscape architects utilize both art and science to achieve the best use of land. During this program students acquire hand and computer graphic skills, study design theory and site engineering and apply the knowledge to a series of environmental design projects.

For examples of student designs, view projects from LARC 450 and 652.

Fast Facts

Among the elite

It’s one of 46 undergraduate programs accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Unique to the state

It’s the only fully accredited environmental design program in the state of West Virginia.

Creative spaces

Create and collaborate in one of four design studios.


  • Landscape architect, designer or planner
  • Surveyor
  • Consultant
  • Urban and community design and planning
  • Environmental restoration

Course Schedule

Freshman Year

Suggested Plan of Study

Fall Spring
WVUE 191 – First Year Seminar
LARC 121 – Landscape Architectural Graphics
ENGL 101 – Intro to Composition and Rhetoric
PLSC 206 – Principles of Plant Science
LARC 120 – Landscape Architectural Drawing
MATH 128 – Plane Trigonometry
LARC 223 – Computer Graphics in Landscape Architecture
GEF 5 and 7
MATH 126A/B/C – College Algebra


For full suggested course schedule, class descriptions and more information on General Education Foundations (GEF) see course catalog.