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Environmental, Soil and Water Sciences

Bethani Chambers takes water samples There is only one Earth and it’s important to safeguard the quality of its environments. This program provides training in a broad array of environmental protection sciences and allows students to gain specialization in either pest management or soil and water conservation.

Fast Facts

Interdisciplinary training

You’ll gain a solid foundation in a broad array of environmental sciences.

Did you know?

In your lifetime, you’ll drink 10,000 gallons of water – almost all of it filtered by soil.

Nationally recognized

Our professors are nationally recognized experts in the fields of mine reclamation and soil and water conservation.


  • Environmental technician
  • Environmental assessment coordinator
  • Consulting firms
  • Local, state and federal governments

Course Schedule

Freshman Year

Suggested Plan of Study

Fall Spring
AGRL 111 – Professions in Agriculture
AGEE 110 – Microcomputer Applications in Agricultural Education
ENGL 101 – Intro to Composition and Rhetoric
ENVP 155 – Elements of Environmental Protection
BIOL 101 and 103 – General Biology
ENVP 119 – Soil in the City
Select ONE:
MATH 126A – College Algebra (5-Day)
MATH 126B – College Algebra (4-Day)
MATH 126C – College Algebra (3-Day)
MATH 150 – Applied Calculus
BIOL 102 and 104 – General Biology
Select ONE:
GEOL 101 and 102 – Planet Earth
GEOL 110 and 111 – Environmental Geoscience
WMAN 150 – Principles of Conservation Ecology

For full suggested course schedule, class descriptions and more information on General Education Foundations (GEF) see the course catalog