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Environmental & Natural Resource Economics

two students working on a white board Students enrolled in this program have the opportunity to explore the interdisciplinary nature of environmental problems and links between natural resource and economic development issues. It features courses in economics, business, mathematics, computer science and applied science.

Fast Facts

Environment and economics

Tackle global issues by developing an understanding of the relationship between the environment and economics.

Sustainable society

Find the balance between societal wants and creating a more sustainable society.

Explore and analyze

Study the economic policies that affect the management or our natural resources and environment.


  • Federal or state agencies involved in environmental, natural resource and agricultural issues
  • Private consulting companies
  • Nonprofit environmental organizations
  • Graduate school
  • Regulatory Consultant

  • Environmental Specialist

  • Safety and Environmental Coordinator

  • Budget Analyst

Course Schedule

Freshman Year

Suggested Plan of Study

Fall Spring
WVUE 191 – First Year Seminar
AGEE 110 – Microcomputer Applications in Agricultural Education
ARE 187 – Energy Resource Economics
ENVP 155 – Elements of Environmental Protection
ENGL 101 – Intro to Composition and Rhetoric
ARE 150 – Introductory Agricultural and Agribusiness Economics
BIOL 101 and 103 – General Biology Select ONE:
STAT 211 – Elementary Statistical Inference
ECON 225 – Elementary Business and Economics Statistics
Select ONE:
MATH 126A – College Algebra (5-Day)
MATH 126B – College Algebra (4-Day)

For full suggested course schedule, class descriptions and more information on General Education Foundations (GEF) see the course catalog.