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Design Studies

Student painting wall A unique interdisciplinary major that sparks knowledge, innovation for the future and cultural awareness, Design Studies is great for creative students who want to be engaged in design but don’t necessarily see themselves as traditional designers.

Fast Facts

Individualized support

Major core classes typically have only 15-20 students.

Project based classes

Most courses focus on projects that provide experience with concepts and skills as opposed to lectures and tests.

Learn in the field

Uncover amazing experiences and endless opportunities during a required summer internship.



  • Sustainable design consulting
  • Design project management
  • Creative marketing specialist
  • Historic preservation
  • Design material sales
  • Disability consulting and compliance
  • Event planning
  • Advertising

Course Schedule

Freshman Year

Suggested Plan of Study

Fall Spring
WVUE 191 – First Year Seminar DSGN 393 – Visual Communications
ENGL 101 – Intro to Composition and Rhetoric
Minor Course
DSM 130 – Intro. to Design
GEF 4, 5, 6 GEF 7

For full suggested course schedule, class descriptions and more information on General Education Foundations (GEF) see the course catalog.