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Xu, Yuelu

Post-Doctoral Fellow of Resource Economics and Management      

I received my Ph.D. in Economics from Virginia Tech in December 2019. My research interest, economic modeling of environmental and natural resource problems, falls into two main categories, spatial management and intertemporal decision making. For spatial management, I focus on cost-effective ways to mitigate nonpoint source pollution from agricultural production in order to optimize individual and social welfare. For intertemporal optimization, I utilize optimal control or dynamic programming to address problems such as optimal pest management and strategies for water quality management. 

Select Publications

  1. Xu, Y., Bosch, D. J., Wagena, M. B., Collick, A. S., & Easton, Z. M. (2019). Meeting Water Quality Goals by Spatial Targeting of Best Management Practices under Climate Change. Environmental Management, 1-12.
  2. Xu, Y., D.J. Bosch, Wagena, M. B., Easton, Z. M. and A. Collick. Reducing nitrogen control costs by within- and cross-county targeting. Journal of Environmental Management. Forthcoming
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