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Byrd, Preston

Teaching Assistant Professor of of Agricultural and Extension Education

I was born and raised in Southwest Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains. My interest in agriculture came naturally because my father was an agriculture teacher and I spent a lot of time as child after school with 4-H and FFA activities. I have always loved being outside working on the farm, hunting, fishing, and just enjoying nature. I knew I had a passion for agriculture while in middle school spending time watching high school students participate in various FFA Career Development Events (CDEs) after school. 

I attended Grayson County High School where I actively participated in 4-H and FFA activities and found my passion for teaching. After high school, I earned by Bachelor of Science at Virginia Tech in Agricultural Education. I then started teaching agriculture at Floyd County High School in Virginia. While teaching I helped grow our small FFA Chapter from 32 members to well over 100 members. I was also able to have three Virginia State Officers and National FFA and 4-H Poultry Judging teams. I introduced the horticulture class and had a greenhouse and school garden built. During my time teaching, I began working on a master’s degree in Agricultural Science at Virginia Tech. Upon graduating with my master’s, I accepted an assistantship at Iowa State University to work on my Ph.D. in Agricultural Education and Studies. 

At Iowa State University, I created and taught a small engines and welding course along with working with other agricultural mechanics courses. Agricultural mechanics has always been a passion for me because I love working with my hands and seeing how things work. The main reason I wanted to get my doctorate degree was to help undergraduate agricultural education students become proficient in agricultural mechanics prior to getting a teaching position. This is an area that is lacking in many agricultural education preparation programs across the United States and is needed by all agricultural teachers. 

After receiving my Ph.D. I accepted a position at Clemson University where I taught for six years. The classes taught ranged from Mechanical Technology in Agricultural Education, Adult Education, Multiculturalism in Agriculture, Research Methods, Teaching Agriscience, and supervising student teachers. I then accepted at position here at WVU beginning in the Fall of 2020 where I am responsible for teaching a range of agricultural mechanics courses, adult education, and supervising student teachers. My research area has been focused on teaching and learning in agricultural mechanics and farm safety. I hope my abilities will help better prepare the future generation of agricultural educators.

Select Publications

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