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Smith, Leah

Communications Specialist

Leah Smith is a writer and an aspiring story teller. She has worked as a freelancer, listening to artists; as a journalist, covering health and higher education; as a tourism blogger, promoting small town businesses that don’t promote themselves; as a personal proofreader to friends, telling them when and where to use commas; and as a general collector of stories she’s found in the world and in her own mind since 2017.


She graduated from Fairmont State University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with minors in nutrition and journalism. She’s now working as a public relations specialist for West Virginia University. Her goal now is to uncover and discover the stories hiding in Davis College – in the classroom, on the farm, in the food and, well, the prepositional phrases are endless. Her hopes and dreams in this position are to personally relate to the professors, students and fields of study and then publicly relate them to everyone else. Essentially, she’ll get in the mud and the mire to understand the passions that fuel the leaders and students of agriculture, natural resource and design.


Her writing skills don’t lack diversity. She has written anything from fluff pieces about the weather, intriguing pieces about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and serious pieces on suicide research. Because of these diverse opportunities, she has learned how to ask what questions when, but she hasn’t learned not to ask questions. Maybe that comes with time – or good manners.  


When she’s not writing, you can either find her running outside or sitting on a couch.