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Maumbe, Kudzayi

Assistant Professor of Recreation, Parks & Tourism Resources

Kudzayi Maumbe joined West Virginia University August 2010 in the department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Resources in the Davis College’s School of Natural Resources. She completed masters and doctoral degrees in Parks, Recreation & Tourism Resources at Michigan State University specializing in Tourism Marketing; and a Master’s in Business Administration from Eastern Kentucky University. Maumbe’s research areas of interest include: Tourism destination competitiveness; tourism/destination marketing and management; destination branding; visitor travel patterns and behavior; and accountability research. She teaches one graduate and three undergraduate courses in the Recreation, Parks and Tourism Resources program.

Select Publications

  1. Maumbe, K. & Arbogast, D. (2015). Relationship between visitor motivations, destination evaluation and future behavior intentions: The case of West Virginia. Journal Tourism, 63(4), 465-478.
  2. Zhou, Y., Maumbe, K., Deng, J., & Selin, S. (2015). Resource-based destination competitiveness evaluation using a hybrid analytic hierarchy process (AHP): The case study of West Virginia. Tourism Management Perspectives, 15, 72-80.
  3. Maumbe, K., Deng, J., & Selin, S. (2014). Investigating the relationships between visitor and trip characteristics, vacation planning, visitor spending and destination evaluation: The case of Garrett County Maryland. Tourism Analysis, 19(5), 557-571.
  4. Maumbe, K. (2014). Teaching and learning in recreation and tourism: A comparison of three instructional methods. Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism, 14, 365-385.
  5. Maumbe, K., & van Wyk, L. (2011). Addressing the skills shortage problem of the South African tourism and hospitality industry: An evaluation of the effectiveness of the 2007/2008 SA-Host training program in the Western Cape Province. Urban Forum 22(4), 363–377.