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Shaffer, Kevin

headshot of Kevin Shaffer
(304) 293-2669 G213 Agricultural Sciences 

Assistant Professor and Extension Livestock Production Specialist

Kevin Shaffer was raised on a family farm in north-central West Virginia raising commercial cattle, where he remains active in raising commercial and registered cattle. He earned a B.S., M.S. and Ph. D. in Animal Sciences from West Virginia University, specializing in ruminant nutrition and beef cattle management with additional training in breeding and genetics. Dr. Shaffer is an Extension Assistant Professor with the WVUES and the WVU Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design. He serves as coordinator of the West Virginia Young Sire Evaluation Program, including the Wardensville and Southern Bull Test programs, chairs the Division of Animal and Nutritional Science Beef Advisory Committee, and teaches beef cattle management and breeding courses. Dr. Shaffer resides in Fairmont, WV with his wife, Monica, and two daughters, Avery and Ellie. 


  1. Shaffer, K. S. Effect of Pre-Test Environment and Management on Performance and Feed Efficiency of Station Tested Beef Bulls. In Preparation; Not Yet Submitted. Expected Data of Submission: October 2018.
  2. Shaffer, K. S. A Novel Method for Determining Sale Eligibility of Station Tested Beef Bulls. Journal of Extension. In Review; Submitted December 3, 2018.
  3. Wilson, M. E. D. C. Lay, S. A. Enneking and K. S. Shaffer. Relationships between Residual Feed Intake and Other Biological Variables. In Preparation; Not Yet Submitted. Expected Data of Submission: October 2018.
  4. Shaffer, K. S., P. S. Turk, W. R. Wagner, and E. E. D. Felton. 2011. Residual feed intake, body composition, and fertility in yearling beef heifers. J. Anim. Sci., 89:1028-1034.
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