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Slahor, Jeffrey

Research Instructor

The majority of Slahor’s research and industrial extension work has been in the wood preservation/bio deterioration area.  However in the 25+ years at WVU he has been involved in various aspects of projects from the stump (time motion studies on logging, safety studies on logging) through primary and secondary manufacture of wood products.  Areas of expertise include: Wood Preservation/Protection, Wood Bio Deterioration, and Wood Packaging Material Phytosanitation Issues.

Select Publications

  1. Nkansah, K., Emmanuel Atta-Obeng, Emmanuel O. Adedipe, Benjamin Dawson-Andoh, Jeffrey Slahor, Lawrence Osborn. Determination of concentration of ACQ wood preservative components by UV-Visible spectroscopy coupled with multivariate data analysis Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 147 (2015) 157-166.
  2. Slahor, J.J., L.E. Osborn, E.T. Cesa, B. Dawson-Andoh, E. Lang, and S. Grushecky. Using a Hot Water Bath as an Alternative Phytosanitation Method for Wood Packaging Material. 2005. Forest Products Journal 55(4): 59-61.
  3. Slahor, J.J., C.C. Hassler, and B. Dawson-Andoh. 2001. The Durability of Yellow-Poplar and American Beech Treated With Chromated Copper Arsenate. Forest Products Journal 51(4): 62-66.
  4. Slahor, J.J., H. M. Barnes , B. Dawson-Andoh, T. L. Amburgey, and C.C. Hassler. 2001. The Durability of Yellow-Poplar and American Beech Treated With Creosote and Borate. Forest Products Journal 51(7/8): 51-55.
  5. Slahor, J.J., C.C. Hassler, R.C. De Groot, and D.J. Gardner. 1998. Treatability of Five Appalachian Wood Species with Creosote and Timbor®. American Wood Preservers Association Proceedings, Ninety-Fourth Annual Meeting.
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