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Inskeep, E. Keith

Professor Emeritus of Reproductive Physiology

Emmett Keith Inskeep is a native West Virginian who grew up in a diversified livestock farm in Medley. He completed an A.A. degree at Potomac State College (’57) and a B.S. in Dairy Science at WVU (’59). He earned an M.S in Genetics (’60) and a Ph.D. in Endocrinology (’64) at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Dr. Inskeep returned to WVU as an assistant professor in August 1964 and spent his entire career as an animal husbandman and reproductive physiologist at WVU. He was an original member of the interdisciplinary Faculty of Reproductive Physiology formed in 1965 and served as its volunteer Chair until his retirement in December 2016.

During his tenure, Dr. Inskeep developed new courses in Endocrinology of Reproduction and Current Literature in Animal Science and taught a variety of courses in animal production and management. He did research with cattle and sheep and guided graduate students from throughout the U.S.A. and from several foreign countries. Their successes and over 200 research papers have given him an international reputation in reproductive physiology and management. He received the L. E. Casida Award for Excellence in Graduate Education from the American Society of Animal Science in 1999.

Dr. Inskeep was a co-author of the Allegheny Highlands Project in the 1970’s, promoting ruminant production systems in 9 WV counties. From 1975 to the early 1990’s he participated in an exchange program with Spain and has traveled to speak and consult in several other countries. He received the WVU Benedum Award for Distinguished Research in Biomedical Sciences in 1996 and a USDA Superior Performance in Research Award in 1999. From 1998 through 2015, he participated in the Small Ruminant Development Project that emphasized out-of-season breeding in sheep.

He was named a Fellow of the American Society of Animal Science in 1998 and received its Retiree Distinguished Service Award in 2019. He served as President of the Society for the Study of Reproduction in 1992-93 and received its Distinguished Service Award in 2003. Dr. Inskeep is a Distinguished Alumnus of Potomac State College (2006) and was inscribed on the Duke Anthony Whitmore/Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Academic Achievement Wall there in 2010. In 2007, he was named to the Hall of Honor at Petersburg High School and enshrined in the West Virginia Agriculture and Forestry Hall of Fame.

Select Publications

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