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Duerr, Adam

Adjunct Faculty of Wildlife and Fisheries Resources

Adam Duerr has research interests in the broad topics of wildlife biology and avian ecology that provide results that can be directly applied to wildlife management. Currently, Dr. Duerr is working on projects that focus on flight and migration ecology, conservation biology, human-wildlife conflicts, and demography. One avenue of his research includes understanding flight behavior of golden and bald eagles and California condors to understand risk of these birds colliding with wind turbines or aircraft. He also works to understand how population demography changes in response to wildlife management that is applied either to increase population sizes (i.e., conservation) or reduce human-wildlife conflicts (i.e., wildlife damage management).

Select Publications

  1. Poessel, S. A., A. E. Duerr, J. C. Hall, M. A. Braham, and T. E. Katzner. 2018. Improving Estimation of Flight Altitude in Wildlife Telemetry Studies. Journal of Applied Ecology, 2018.
  2. Rus, A. I., A. E. Duerr, T. A. Miller, J. R. Belthoff, and T. E. Katzner. 2017. Counterintuitive roles of experience and weather on migratory performance. Auk 134:485-497.
  3. Wilke, A. L., R. Boettcher, A. Duerr, P. Denmon, B. R. Truitt, K. Holcomb, and B. D. Watts. 2017. Population Dynamics and Survival Rates of American Oystercatchers (Haematopus palliatus) in Virginia, USA. Waterbirds 40:55-71.
  4. Katzner, T. D. Nelson, M. Braham, J. Doyle, N. Fernandez, A. Duerr, P. Bloom, M. Fitzpatrick, T. Miller, R. Culver, L. Braswell, and A. DeWoody. 2017. Golden Eagle fatalities demonstrate the continental-scale consequences of local-scale renewable energy generation. Conservation Biology 31:406-415.
  5. Dennhardt, A. J., A. E. Duerr, D. Brandes, and T. E. Katzner. 2015. Modelling Autumn Migration of a Rare Soaring Raptor Identifies New Movement Corridors in Central Appalachia. Ecological Modeling 303:19-29.
  6. Duerr, A. E., T. A. Miller, K. C. Duerr, M. J. Lanzone, A. Fesnock, and T. E. Katzner. 2015. Landscape-scale distribution and density of raptor populations wintering in anthropogenic-dominated desert landscapes. Biodiversity and Conservation 24:2365-2381.
  7. Duerr, A., T. Miller, M. Lanzone, D. Brandes, J. Cooper, C. Maisonneuve, J. Tremblay, J. Wilhelm, T. Kaztner. 2015. Flight response of slope-soaring birds to seasonal variation in thermal generation. Functional Ecology 29:779-790.
  8. Duerr, A. E., David E. Capen, and Therese M. Donovan. 2012. Energetic Considerations for Managing Double-crested Cormorants on Lake Champlain. Journal of Great Lakes Research 38(Supplement 1): 131-140.
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