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Dawson-Andoh, Ben

Professor of Wood Science & Technology

Select Publications

  1. Atta-Obeng E., Venky S. Pingali and B. Dawson-Andoh. 2018. Effect of ball-milling on biomass cell wall structure using small angle neutron scattering. Carbohydrate Polymers. In preparation.
  2. Dawson-Andoh B., G. Lawar-Yolar and E. Atta-Obeng. 2018. Phase change materials for thermal storage: evaluation of tropical tree fruit oils. Bioresource Technology. In preparation.
  3. Dawson-Ando B., G. Lawar-Yolar and E. Atta-Obeng. 2018. Biodiesel from Tall Oil Fatty acids via homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. Bioresource Technology. In preparation.
  4. Dawson-Andoh B., C. Norman, E. Atta-Obeng, J. Slahor and D. DeVallance. 2018. Bio-durability of biochar-plastic composites. Polymer degradation and stability. In preparation.
  5. Nkansah Kofi, Benjamin Dawson-Andoh, Oluwatosin Adedipe, Emmanuel Atta-Obeng, and Lawrence Osborn. 2017. Rapid characterization of northern red oak ( Quercus rubra) using near-infrared spectroscopy. Journal of Forestry Research. Accepted. May 7 2018.

Research Focus

  1. Chemistry, chemical analysis, characterization and processing of lignocellulose and biomaterials
  2. Fungi-mediated processing of lignocellulose and biomaterials
  3. Biodeterioration/protection of lignocellulose and biomaterials
  4. Waste-steams – characterization and valorization
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