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Pamala Brookover

Pamala and her husband.

What jobs did you have before coming to WVU?

I used to be a business manager for a General Motors dealership for several years. Then, I was the chief financial officer for a local nonprofit. 

What has been the best or most enjoyable time/class/moment in your job?

The time that I’ve spent personally connecting with students. I love learning about different cultures and customs. 


It’s really nice when you have a student who can come in and who trusts you enough to talk to you when they’re having problems or to ask advice. I actually have some of my students that have friends in other colleges throughout the university, and if they can’t get any help from their college, they’ll bring them over to me and say, “Hey, Pam will help you. She helps everyone.” It doesn't matter what specific college you’re in, we’re here to help the students. If I don't know, I’m not afraid to ask.

What’s something you recently learned?

I was watching a show about how to repurpose wooden pallets to make beautiful Christmas trees and decorations and multiple crafts and flower beds. I like learning things like that. 


Something else I learned is how real mental illness is as far as the pandemic. Watching different people that I thought had it all together just totally break. Mental illness is scary.

If you won a billion dollars, what would you do with the money?

Stay out of debt. Help family and friends. I’d give to charities I believe in.


I’d like to help the elderly. The nonprofit I worked for was family services. We helped take care of the elderly and disabled. There are so many people that literally make just enough money that they don’t qualify for assistance. But by the time they buy their medication, they don't have money to eat or live. I like that and the different United Way charities.


I’d become a professional college student. I like to learn all different things. To me, it would be wonderful to spend the rest of my life going to school learning about everything that I could. I would learn how to grow a garden. I would love to do flowers and political science and there are so many different things that I’m interested in.

What were you most grateful for in 2020?

My husband and my family. I won't ever remember 2020 for COVID. I’ll remember the year I lost my dad. It’s been a rough year.

What were you most excited for in 2021?

Getting back to normal. I just want[ed] things back to normal. I want[ed] to be able to go out and not know fear.


Just for Fun

What are you currently reading? Emails, lots and lots of emails!

What’s your favorite meal? Anything Italian or Chinese

What’s a song that you can listen to on repeat? Coal Miner’s Daughter 

What’s one thing you can’t live without? My husband and my dog, Tom and Bosko