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Mark Aronhalt

Mark Aronhalt


We do everything from setting the computers up to supporting them. We do our own print servers. We fix just about any issue that you’d have with your computer. We provide network storage and keeping your online systems, like eCampus, and all that stuff. We try to keep the machines running so you all can do your jobs.

If you weren’t working at WVU, what’s the most likely alternative?

I’d probably have my own business. I don’t know that it would necessarily be in computing, but more than likely it would be. I have experience in building homes, decks and all that kind of stuff, which is not my preference. I started out right after high school as a vulcanizer for a tire shop. I’d repair over the highway tires and tires for off road equipment. You’re talking thousands of dollars, like an earth mover tire is 5 maybe 10 grand for one tire. I was certified to fix those tires if they were punctured by anything. I don’t know that I would go back into that. I have a lot of background in repairing things, and that’s why computers were a pretty good fit for me.

Moment you knew what you wanted to study?

While I was working as a vulcanizer I took some vocational classes in computing. Working in that tire shop, most of those guys had been working there for years. It was very hard work, and I was sitting there and thinking, “There’s got to be an easier way to make a living.” Around 1988 is when I made my change in careers from that to computing. I got a two year degree and ran a computer store here in Morgantown for almost ten years.

Moment you knew what your current role was right for you?

I started at Eberly College and it had fewer requirements. It was more like minor software support. I worked there for two years, and I wanted to do more. This is a little more in depth work for me. I like the people. I like the challenge of the job. I like the fact that we’re supporting 90 percent of the college’s computing needs.

Favorite part of social distancing?

I was out for about a month during COVID. I got to spend a lot more time with my grandkids. I’ve got two granddaughters; one is five and one will be a year old in October. It’s been fun with them. I still take days off at times to go and spend with them since I’ve been back.

Least favorite part of social distancing?

I’m a very social person. I like being among people. I’m a hugger. I’m a handshaker. And I just like seeing people face-to-face. I’d rather go to a person’s office in the building versus calling them on the phone or doing a Zoom thing. That’s probably been the toughest thing for me.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I have traveled south, Florida and Texas, and I’ve traveled out west, Arizona and Nevada and places like that. I don’t think that I would want to be any place else honestly. West Virginia is my home and I’ve lived here all my life. Nowhere else really appeals to me like here.

Just for Fun

Favorite hobby: Oil painting

Favorite movie/tv show: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Favorite Spotify playlist/band/song: Led Zeppelin

Favorite local restaurant: Volcano, Ogawa

Favorite local activity: Kayaking