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Margaret Minch

Margaret riding a horse

What jobs did you have before coming to WVU?

I spent 11 years in private clinical practice in Grantsville, Maryland. My job there was primarily large animal, doing dairy production medicine and, occasionally, small ruminant, beef cows and a little bit of small animal.

What has been the best or most enjoyable time/class/moment in your education?

Anything to do with anatomy; it’s my favorite subject. I don't know why. I’m not a mechanically inclined person so for me to say I like to know how things work does not extend to inanimate objects like motors, engines, whatever. I don’t get it, but it’s just my thing. I really think it probably had to do with my teacher in high school. She was amazing. I think that’s probably what started all of it for me.

What has been the best or most enjoyable time/class/moment in your job?

It is hands down advising students. In elementary school, being a teacher was never even on my list. It was rarely on my list of things I wanted to be when I grew up. If it ever appeared on my list, it was at the bottom. I spent all that time in private practice and realized I was, in fact, teaching clients. When I came to this job, I was really surprised. I thought I came here for the clinical veterinary work at the farm, but I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed teaching and the advising came along with it. It’s turned out that the interactions with students with advising is what keeps my engine running.


What’s one thing you wish you had known in college?

Maybe just how short life is. I don’t think I wanted to know everything in college that I know now. I don’t think knowing in college where I was going to end up was going to help me then. The journey that I’ve been on that’s brought me to where I am today, I don’t know that I would have wanted it to be different than it has been. If I had known in college all the things that I know now, my journey would have been different.

If you won a billion dollars, what would you do with the money?

I would cut back on my day job and spend my life spaying and neutering feral cats and dogs and getting rid of some of the pet overpopulation problems. I’m trying to work on that now, but I’m not independently wealthy and I cannot make that happen. I’m not a small animal person and have no interest in small animal medicine or private veterinary practice. l’m interested in surgeries, spaying and neutering dog and cat populations. And I’d give the rest of it away.

What were you most excited for in 2021?

[Having returned] to in-person classes in the fall semester and actually going into my office and seeing students in the hallways again.


Just for Fun

What are you currently reading? The Big Book of West Virginia Ghost Stories by Rosemary Guiley

What’s your favorite meal? Honey chicken with carrots and mashed potatoes

What’s a song that you can listen to on repeat? Don Williams’ songs 

What’s one thing you can’t live without? Sunshine and my family