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Fletcher, Jerald

Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Director of NRAC & US China-Energy Exchange

Select Publications

  1. Zhao, Xueting, J. Wesley Burnett and Jerald J. Fletcher. 2014. “Spatial Analysis of China Province-level CO2 Emission Intensity,” Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 33: 1-10.
  2. Herath, Janaranjana, Tesfa Gebremedhin and Jerry Fletcher. 2013. “Adult Obesity and Arthritis: An Empirical Analysis for West Virginia, USA.” International Journal of Health Research and Innovation, 1(2):1-12.
  3. Michieka, Nyakundi M., Jerald Fletcher and Wesley Burnett. 2013. “An empirical analysis of the role of China’s exports on CO2 emissions.” Applied Energy. 104: 258-267.
  4. Michieka, Nyakundi M. and Jerald J. Fletcher. 2012. “An Investigation of the Role of China’s Urban Population on Coal Consumption,” Energy Policy, 48: 668-676.
  5. Bashir, Saima, Tesfa G. Gebremedhin and Jerald Fletcher. 2011. “An Analysis of the Role of Self Employment in the Economic Development of the Rural Northeastern United States” The IUP Journal of Entrepreneurship Development, The Icfai University Press, 8(3, September):23-39.
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